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2nd Vault is a digital vault for all of your relevant information to be saved and shared in a highly secure and convenient way.

How is your information secured?
User Encryption Keys
Your security starts with a personal encryption key (a complex string of characters). Each unique user key is rotated on a periodic basis to ensure your information is locked until you want to see it.
Data Chunking
Once your information is saved to the 2nd Vault platform it is separated into pieces and stored across multiple physically separate servers. Any potential unauthorized access to a single server means an intruder will be unable to access your collective information.
End-to-end Encryption
2nd Vault will never automatically store information on your device. Your information will be transmitted, stored on our server, and every point in between is encrypted with military-grade 256-bit AES. Your information will never be stored or transmitted in plain text.
Layered Encryption
Your information is also protected with state-of-the-art physical security, multi-factor authentication, instantaneous backups that are audited regularly by a 3rd party. Layers of security are used to ensure your data is safe, secure, and accessible by you at all times. Your information is never accessible by us.
Two Factor Authentication
2nd Vault is committed to secure your data and files in addition to safeguarding your account access. We have implemented a two-factor authentication which sends a unique code to your phone whenever you try to login from a new device or browser. This additional security measure protects you in the event your password is compromised.
No Manual Intervention
The account creation and claim process is verified automatically by the system. Our staff does not have access to your data or account except for a unique account ID. So only you and your confidant can access information saved by you. That also means, if you misplace your password, only you can recover it. We do not have any mechanism to access your account.
Unique Confidant Code
The platform generates a unique confidant code when the user adds a confidant to the account. The user will have to share this code with the confidant. This code creates additional security layers for sharing users’ account data and files. Without this code, the confidant cannot claim or access the account.
Manual Verification to Retrieve Account
The 2nd Vault platform asks the user to upload a confidant document while appointing a confidant for the account. Access to the entire account will be given to the user-designated confidant only after manual verification of the confidant details by the 2nd Vault team is completed
Account Cleanup After Retrieval
After manual verification of the confidant’s details by the 2nd Vault team, whole account access is provided to the user-designated confidant. Once your data is claimed or when you decide to delete the account, we delete all of your data and files within 30 days.
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